Here’s the logic of this site

It’s not possible to prove God.

But then it’s not possible to prove that you aren’t dreaming. Actually, proofs are notoriously difficult.

This site is not about proof,
it’s about evidence.

There are those who believe that the best evidence for God can be found in various philosophical arguments for the existence of God. Others believe that experiencing miracles and signs in their life is the best evidence for God.

However, this site has been set up by Christians who believe that the best evidence of God is Jesus Christ. That’s because the Bible describes Jesus in this way. But ‘hang on’ you say, ‘Jesus lived 2000 years ago’. ‘How can we know God based on a man’s life recorded so long ago?’ If this is the kind of question that bothers you, then you’re in the right place.

You’ll find a few articles here, but mostly the site points elsewhere to resources on the net that provide and explain relevant evidence. In short, rather than reinventing the wheel, this is a launch pad for finding the hard work of others. We plan to add links over time.