Why is Jesus the best evidence of God?

There you are, quietly making your breakfast when suddenly the toast pops with an image of Jesus burnt crisply in the side. Wow! Miracle! And it really looks like Jesus. You know, the stained glass window Jesus. Perhaps God wants to chat? Or maybe someone tampered with the bread.

The Internet has loads of Jesus toast stories as well as plenty of do-it yourself tips on how to create them. Nearly all of them involve tampered toast and people making fun of other people who claim they’ve seen Jesus in some everyday thing or place and so now it’s time to believe. It could be a potato chip or a cloud in the sky or the cream on your coffee or just a tree stump. It could be anything. But God is talking! … To you!!

People have been reporting these kinds of ‘miracles’ since Jesus’s earthly ministry 2000 years ago. So what are we to do?

There are those who believe the best evidence for the existence of God can be found in various philosophical arguments. Others believe that experiencing miracles and signs in their life is the best place to look.

Frankly, it’s not possible to prove God. But then it’s not possible to prove that you aren’t dreaming. Does that mean philosophical arguments are pointless? No, they’re not. In fact, Theism (belief in one God) is a very satisfactory explanation of the world.

But the problem with the ‘arguments for God’ is that they don’t introduce you to the particular God who is there. You just end up arguing and discussing the possibility of God existing. Meanwhile the particular God who is there has already revealed himself.

The God who is there has sent his son, Jesus, into the world so that we can know him. God is a particular person and we meet him in Jesus.

So, the real issue is evidence. What is reasonable evidence? Is it reasonable to accept the Bible’s record of Jesus as evidence for God? That’s a decision you’ll need to make for yourself. But first of all you’ll need to read the Bible to find out about Jesus. It’s no good making your mind up before examining the evidence.

Certainly, it’s ok to want better evidence than a piece of Jesus toast.